Concept and images by
Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Art Director: Micol Talso
Projects Director: Sebastiano Mastroeni
Photographer’s Assistants: Alberto Zanetti, Leonardo Scotti, Chiara Quadri
Styled by: Francesca Cefis
Producer: Matteo Ferrari assisted by Riccardo Bernardi
Set Design and Props: Charlotte and Camilla Mello Teggia assisted by Lorenzo Lazzari and
Chiara Montagner
Special Effects: Michela Natella
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Lorenzo Zavatta at Face to Face
Backstage Photography: Adrianna Glaviano
Animal Trainer: Giulia Pasqualetti at Animal House Milano
Casting by: Giulia Venturini
Color and Digital Development: Mariano Martin and Antonio Rainone at Studio Martin & Rainone
Digital Operator: Silvano Banfi at Studio Santaveronica
Photolab: Eros and Erik at FilmColor
Lighting Equipment: EXIT
Cinematography: Yuri Ancarani assisted by Caterina Viganò and Simone Rovellini
Webmaster: Roberto Bruno
Art Expert & Weapons Master: Giampiero Romanò
Legal Consultant: Ivan Frioni
Communicurator: Marta Papini
Mascot: Dennis Freedman
Soundtrack: The Vinyl Factory
1968 Furniture Guru: Dakis Joannou Dakis Angels: Regina Alivisatos and Kleio Silvestrou
The French Connection: Angel Chang
Masters of Cerimonies: Paride Vitale and Paolo Dalla Mora Associated Event Planner: Alex Galan
Bruises Advisor: Victoria Howe Yee
Fuck Yeah: Myriam Ben Salah
Party Sweetness: Kreëmart
Fine Italian Food: Luca and Massimo at Capitano Rosso
R.I.P. Virgilio Stucchi
Wizgram: Marie Magritte
Special thanks to: Anna Dello Russo, Ece Sahin, Federico
Pepe, Marta Galli, Giacomo Piazza, Tommaso Bertani.

Published by Damiani
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